Gree & Supercat: Toons Inside is a upcoming PC computer game produced by Denzuko Software that released on Summer 2015. At the start of the game, Sam and Max accidentally digitizes the Toons and traps them inside the player's computer, along with bits and pieces of the games they were working on. Only Pinkie, Woody and Buzz remain outside. Gree and Supercat travel around the Bitmap on a Databus to save their friends. The player helps Gree and Supercat clear blocked passages on the map by playing the Toons' mini-games, as well as collecting various clips and props.


  • Shrek's Brain: The player helps Sam and Max unscramble Shrek's memories of Shrek movies clips.
  • Woody and Buzz: Two Thumbs Down: The player rotates boxes to unscramble Woody and Buzz's video clips.
  • Toona on the Wild Side: In a parody of Missile Command, the player shoots down flying tomatoes, pies, and other things that the audience throws at Supercat as he crosses the Toon Theater stage.
  • Evil-Defying Acts of Culture: The player positions American Rabbit's cannon so he flies through a target.
  • Party That Song: Pinkie hosts a version of Name That Tune, with the songs played by Lew Zealand's fish or Bugs Bunny and the Nerdlucks.
  • Libraries of Doom: A parody of Doom, with Cap'n O. G. Readmore fighting giant books in a crypt-like Library.
  • Trivial But True!: A Hollywood Squares game, with Supercat as the center square.

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